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2021 Loss in Sliced Bread Sales

The Grocer announced a dramatic loss in the sale of wrapped loaves following the end of Covid 19 lockdowns, you can read their full report here.

Britain’s bread is no longer rising. The end of lockdowns has meant fewer at-home sandwich and toast occasions – which in turn has put an end to the short-lived boom in sales of wrapped loaves. The category has lost £52.0m, wiping out the £51.0m gain reported in last year’s Top Products.

When the sales of one product type diminish it is a key to reassess your full product offer. If fewer people are eating pre-wrapped loaves for their sandwich lunch at home what baked goods might they pack into a lunch box or take to the office? Is this your opportunity to increase your artisan loaf sales?

The boom in smaller brands is indicative of shoppers fleeing the middle ground of loaves for either cheaper own-label bread – up £1.3m – or posher suppliers, says NielsenIQ analyst Danny Branigan. “This bimodal growth will continue, with everyday brands likely to suffer more.”

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