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Introducing the NEW Sinmag Small Mixers

Powerful, reliable but ultra-low noise, the NEW Sinmag Mixers are an essential addition to the kitchen for the home artisan baker! there’s no better time to upgrade your baking experience as we offer:

- Free Delivery

- 2 Year Warranty

- UK based warehouse, allowing us to offer fast delivery

Product Focus

Model: Robo

The NEW Sinmag Robo Planetary Mixer is now available to buy on our website here


· Powerful single phase 350W motor with low noise

· Available in 5 different colours

· Capacity 7L

· Fast delivery available from stock

· Variable speeds

· Splash lid included

· 1 year warranty

Product Focus

Model: Eco 12, Eco 18, Eco 24

The Eco Mixers are available to buy on our website here


This mixer comes in 3 models - 12kg, 18kg & 24kg dough capacities. One of its great features is that these spiral mixers are single phase.


  • Single phase mixer

  • Timers

  • 10 variable speed settings for 2 gears

  • A single reverse gear

The reverse gear on a spiral mixer is useful when you add fruit or other ingredients as it helps to blend it into the dough without breaking it up too much, you would not normally get this feature on the smaller single phase spiral mixers.

You can explore our product page or contact a member of our team to find out more, email or call 0800 083 5639.


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