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The 'crust' of living - BBC Radio 4

On BBC Radio 4 Evan Davis looks at the spiralling costs of baking a loaf of bread.

On top of rising energy bills the industry is having to keep up with huge increases in the price of wheat. In this episode a farmer, a miller and a baker explain how they're trying to make ends meet.

Guests: Sarah Bell, Wheat Farmer and Grain Consultant.

Julius Deane, Wheat Director at Carrs Flour Mills Ltd

Mike Roberts, Deputy Chairman of Roberts Bakery

Producer: Nick Holland Sound: Rod Farquhar

Production Coordinators: Sophie Hill and Siobhan Reed

Editor: Hugh Levinson

It's fantastic to hear our sector being discussed on national radio to a wide audience. We recently looked at the reasons why the costs of eggs have increased (read more here) but we all know that this is not the only increase in costs; wheat, energy, transport and packaging are already key areas hit by supply chain pressures.

In our recent new article Why Should I Invest in My Bakery? we look at the many ways in which investing in the correct bakery equipment can enable you to have happier customers and increase your turnover:

  • The correct equipment increases efficiency by reducing preparation time.

  • Selecting the correct equipment ensures a higher bake success rate, reducing waste and cost.

  • Choosing equipment carefully enables you to broaden your product offer and attract new customers.

  • The correct equipment can enable a more efficient bakery layout, allowing for smaller premises and reduced real-estate costs.

Hopefully at a time when ingredient costs have spiralled you can invest wisely and increase your profit as well as your turnover.

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