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What is your perfect breakfast?

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

We asked our followers and connections to tell us about their favourite breakfasts and their responses made us hungry!

Not surprisingly eggs are a firm breakfast favourite, poached seemed to be the top cooking method and our followers were happy to place them onto toasted sourdough or smothered in hollandaise on an English muffin. ‘Eggy bread’ was also one of our follower’s perfect breakfast.

It was also clear that pasties are widely enjoyed for breakfast and one of our followers pointed out that after ‘an extensive survey, Morrisons are my current favourite - lots of them are way too sweet!’

Several of our followers prefer the convenience of cereal in the mornings with one commenting that home made granola is their preference. High quality granola is something which is now available online, on the high street and in supermarkets, is it something which you bake for your customers? What flavours do you offer?

Have you ever asked the customers of your bakery what their favourite breakfast is?

Have you ever reviewed your offering of breakfast bakes to see if there is a best seller that you are missing?

We through we would take the opportunity to share some inspiration, recipes and products focused on these breakfast favourites.

If, like our followers, your customers enjoy eggs for breakfast offering a variety of breads to complement the eggs is the key for any bakery.

Sourdough inspiration can be found on Instagram by following @raiseandbake

For a super soft bloomer have you considered using a stone ground organic flour such as Shipton Mill Organic Stoneground White Flour.

If you don’t already offer English muffins in your bakery we recommend trying out this Delia Online recipe to get the ball rolling.

And for eggy bread, why not inspire your customers with a recipe card when you buy their bloomer! River Cottage run through the steps here if you need reminding.

For egg inspiration we love to follow @brasseriedrugstore and @the.egglab.brunch on Instagram

Homemade granola is something with our followers enjoy, is it something you bake for your customers? There are many recipes and flavour ideas available online but we love the sound of Cookie & Kates Very Best Granola with the her many variations and chunky tips.

Image: Cookies & Kate Very Best Granola

If it is pastry inspiration you are looking for, something to elevate your current almond croissant or Danish pastry offering take a look at @tattebakery and @freshartisanbakery

Image: Pajamas and Jam Eatery

If a pastry road trip is something you would enjoy we would recommend trying the cinnamon swirls at Bread Addiction in Southsea, and we can’t wait until the day we are able to visit Pajamas + Jam Eatery, Western Cape.

Breakfast is well catered for on our high street and we would love to hear from you which bakeries we should make sure that we visit, perhaps we could compile a map! Send us a DM on Instagram, tag us in a post or use #mybakerysolutions

If improving a piece of baking equipment would enable you to improve the breakfast items you have available for your customers contact a member of our team on or by calling 0800 083 5639.


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