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Will You Be My Valentine?

Will you show your love with flowers this Valentine's day? No, of course not!

Valentines Day 2022 will be celebrated by millions with cupcakes, doughnuts, biscuits and desert. British Baker runs us through the nation's bakers products which will delight your loved one, click here.

Our friend, and customer, Paul Bakery is celebrating the heart motif with their Sweetest Love Box (£29.95). The box, which can be purchased online, includes four heart-shaped cakes in Forêt Noire, Craquant and Cherry Layer varieties as well as 12 mini macarons. Those visiting its stores in London or Oxford have the choice of two cakes for £10 or four for £20. Also in store are Heart Brioche (£1.95) – a twist on the soft and sweet French bread – and Sharing Heart Fraisier (£34.95) which features pink marzipan, fresh mousseline cream and strawberries.

What will your customers enjoy this Valentine's Day? Share your bakes with us using our hashtag #mybakerysolutions


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