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New Lebanese flatbread Unveiled

British Bakers have announced that frozen food distributor Central Foods has launched a range of KaterBake Lebanese flatbreads for foodservice customers.

'The new breads are available in a selection of flavours and sizes and can be used as wraps, pizza bases, traditional accompaniments to humous, and dips or for dipping into olive oil flavoured with herbs, Central Foods said.'

In our previous news article we asked 'Are There Alternatives to Sliced Bread?' and answered 'There certainly are!' In our article we took a look at the many, and varied, baked options available to you in place of traditional sliced bread for sandwiches, and now we can add Lebanese flatbreads to the list! Be prepared to elevate your lunch to a new level! Read more here

If you would like to bake any of the sandwich alternatives we have discussed but are not sure if you have the equipment needed please do speak with a member of our team by calling 0800 083 5639 or email us at


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