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Where Can I Buy Baked Treats?

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

One of the aspects of baking that we particularly enjoy is the creative, and numerous, ways in which bakers can serve their customers. In today's news article we highlight bakers who reach their customers by bike, van, stall, shop, café and post!

We would love to know more about how your customers are able to buy your bakes? Show us by using our hashtag #mybakerysolutions

Bakes by Bike

Flour and Soul Bakery is based in Urmston, a town in Trafford, Greater Manchester, England. Irina Ruseva launched her bakery during the 2020 lockdowns and was featured in the Gaudian article ''When you work from the heart, it's effortless': the lockdown bakers who turned professional'

After Irina has delivered her children to nursery she jumps back on her bike to deliver her sourdough bakes to her local subscribers. Irina has cycled many more miles since her bakery's first birthday in August 2021.

Mobile Bakery Van

Salt Bakehouse is a unique small, but perfectly formed, artisan bakery business, run by Annette, Dominic and Anneliese providing quality baked stuff, locally sourced /foraged for local people. One of the ways the Salt Bakehouse team reach their customers is by using their white van, which they take to nearly 10 venues throughout the week across the wider Stroud area.

Bakery Stall

I am sure that we are not alone in enjoying visiting local farmer's, or produce, market! Many bakers reach their customers at local markets and it is a fantastic was to sell your bakes without the investment in a bricks and mortar outlet.

Our friend Darrin Romp at Hampshire Real Bread Co is a regular at Emsworth and Petersfield Farmer's Markets, selling delicious sourdough and baked treats. We are particularly partial to his cinnamon swirls and cruffins!

Popping to the Bakery

We are thrilled that there continues to be a place for bakeries on our local high streets and that bakery shops can thrive.

Ten Four Bakehouse is an independent bakery, crafting real bread for Birmingham. They have a wonderful ethos:

'Our aim is to produce the highest quality bread available in Birmingham. We focus on simple and traditional food, done the best it possibly can be. This includes making as much as we possibly can ourselves - from the jam that fills our doughnuts to the biscuits and crumbles that we put on top.'

Bakery Café

What could be better than visiting a bakery for the bakes you need for the week ahead, and being able to stay for a coffee and a treat before heading home!

Two of the café bakeries which we are hoping to visit soon are Flour & Feast, on Humber street in Hull’s old Fruit Market, and 2 Magpies Bakery, an independently owned group of bakery cafes in Suffolk and Norfolk . Do you have a bakery bucket list?

Bakes by Post

We have celebrated bakes by post in the past with our article looking at the trend for posting brownies, click here. We continue to enjoy this trend and look to see what creative bakers will decide to deliver by post in the future.

There are now many established bakes by post brands, as well as independent bakers for whom this trend has enabled their home artisan business to flourish. The Micro Cakery is a North Wales natural & boho cake creator who has a wide selection of cakes which can be delivered by post (not just brownies) and is a business born out of a love for the outdoors and creative endeavours.

If improving a piece of baking equipment would enable you to expend what you are able to offer your customers please contact a member of our team on or by calling 0800 083 5639.


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